The FUZZtonez

The FUZZtonez came together in 2006 on Thailand’s party island of Phuket. All being schooled in the traditions of raw rock music, the band members wanted to entertain with their unique brand of live sound; a refreshing alternative to much of the overplayed mellow cover music that was being heard in bars and hotel lobbies at the time.

When they initially got together they experimented with country classics and came up with what they called ‘Cowboy Punk’. Live on stage it was a thrashing out of hits such as ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘Ring of Fire,’ with racing rhythms incorporating raunchy guitar licks and vocals reminiscent of Johnny Cash on a mission of murder. Keeping the movement marching forward was their ‘psycho-billy’ reworking of that old Nancy Sinatra classic, ‘These boots are made for walking’! Foot stomping!

The FUZZtonez also delved into the depths of the experience of Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, producing a twin guitar attack on the classic, ‘Purple Haze’ and a haunting jazz-rock version of ‘A Whole Lotta Love’. On the brighter side, more up tempo numbers from the likes of ‘The Killers’ and ‘Kings of Leon’ got the crowd onto the dance floor, where they stayed until Beds Were Burning and Anarchy closed the evening. The repertoire goes on with the FUZZtonez mastering seventy or more rock, pop and blues driven hits.

In April of 2012 The ‘Tonez’ were invited to ‘The Happy Snapper’ pub, a popular live music venue in the resort town of Khao Lak, Phang Nga. The band recorded the evening gig and produced a CD, ‘The FUZZtonez live at the Happy Snapper,’ which is available on request.

The FUZZtonez are looking ahead at tours further afield to rock more distant shores but in the meantime they continue to pump out their exciting live shows and look forward to gracing your stage!