Samia is a travel writer in real life and a radio host, producer, advertisement voiceover and occasional blogger on Wednesday nights who has lived and worked in Phuket for several years. Her musical interests began at an early age when she started playing classical piano and later the guitar, which opened her ears to an assortment of sounds that changed her perspective on music forever. With an appreciation for most types of music bar a few exceptions that shall be referred to simply as mainstream, Samia is always listening to some tunes, whether at work, on her bike, in the car, at the gym, or indeed on the beach, you will always see her firmly plugged into her iPod, something she considers makes her far more productive throughout the day.

Samia openly admits that the highlight of her week is writing and presenting The Alternative Show, which airs live every Wednesday from 20:00-21:30 GMT+7. The show offers a weekly dose of brand spanking new music with a diverse selection of sounds that cover blues, folk, indie, punk and rock with a smattering of reggae and even a touch of jazz by bands both signed and unsigned from across the globe. With a special featured artist / album presented each week, she also has a ‘Double Dose’ of somebody, reflective listen backs, and of course listener’s requests.

On a side note, Samia always does her show standing up and with her shoes off, it’s just what she does.