Mr.AJay from the Phuket FUZZtonez
Band role: guitar man
Birth date:one of these Mondays
Birthplace: earth, northern hemisphere
Height: still growing (four dimensional)
Instruments played: Dan Moi, Veena, Chimpta, Dhol and cigar box guitar
Educated: yes, schooled in the tradtion of raw rock music
Former occupation: same same but without a job
Hobbies: cooking, gardening, helping the hopeless
Favourite actor: Danny Trejo
Favourite actresses: Katey Sagal
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: mustard
Favourite drinks: water and goat milk
Get It Off Your Chest Request: How To Control That Sudden Cough Attack
Favourite band: Comedian Harmonists
Favourite musician: Django Reinhardt
Likes: all the things behind the sight seeing attraction
Dislikes: passport control
Three-word answer to, ‘I don’t want to…’: -miss a thing
Tastes in music: J S Bach, Master U.Srinivas, Lemmy, Boney M,

Twinky Manlapas Maglente
Band Role: band vocals, percussionist
Birth Date: March 5, 1982
Birthplace: Philippines
Height : 5’2
Instruments Played: Cajon
Educated: College Graduate
Other Occupation: Computer Encoder
Hobbies: Right now, I’m falling in love with cooking and photography. Totally fun as hobbies 🙂
Favourite Actor: James Franco
Favourite Actress: Julia Roberts
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: Salad cream
Favourite Drinks: cocktails, fruit smoothie, hot coffee
Get It Off Chest Request: None 🙂
Favourite Band: The Beatles, Coldplay
Favourite Musician: Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner, Eva Cassidy
Likes: Rain, online shopping, funny & positive people, cooking, nature, massage, spending time with loved ones.
Dislikes: rudeness, traffic, arrogance, dogs, gossip.
Three word answer to: ‘I don’t want to…’: ‘I don’t want to wake up early :).
Tastes in Music: blues rock, alternative, pop

Blaze KC
Band role: Band leader, Lead guitar and vocals
Birth date: 30 August 2000
Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa
Height: 6ft
Instruments played: Guitar
Educated: Some
Other occupation: Pain in the ass to my parents
Hobbies: Gaming, guitar, skating and TV
Favourite actor: Samual L. Jackson Mother Fluffer!
Favourite actress : Chloe Grace Mortez
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: Puke! Pizza!
Favourite drinks: Coke, coke and coke!
Get It Off Your Chest Request: Say what?!
Favourite band: Today it is Placebo! Ask again tomorrow!
Favourite musician: Brian Molko or Gerard Way, probably both!
Likes: Guitars, food, games, sleep!
Dislikes: When people use the word ‘Mum’ instead of ‘Mom’!
Three-word answer to, ‘I don’t want to … follow the fluffing rules!’:
Tastes in music: Most. No rap nor jazz!

Jamie Bai/Jared Bai
Band role: Musicians
Birth date: Vernal Equinox/ Same as Elvis
Birthplace: Scarborough/ White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Height: Total 12 foot, nine inches
Instruments played: Real and fictional
Educated: Hospitality Management/ Jazz Performance
Other occupation: None
Hobbies: Music and ladies, Mum Jokmok
Favourite actress: Nong Natt/ Betty White
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: Not Applicable to Canadians
Favourite drinks: Alcoholic
Get It Off Your Chest Request: We just wanna play
Favourite band: Sek LOSO
Favourite musician: Siriporn Ampaipong
Likes: Ladies
Dislikes: Wasting time
Three-word answer to, ‘I don’t want to…’: Answer this question
Tastes in music: Unpredictable

Jeff Morey
Band role: guitar and vocals
Birth date: April 1973
Birthplace: Calgary, Canada
Height: 190 cm
Instruments played: (in order of ability on a rapidly sliding scale) guitar, drums, piano, trombone (seriously…in junior high school…but no band camp!)
Educated: somewhat
Other occupation: Teacher
Hobbies: listening to/playing music, reading, attempting to stay upright on a surf board, spending time with my wife and son.
Favourite actor: Sean Penn or John Cusack
Favourite actress: Gwyneth Paltrow  (boyhood fascination)
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: Scotch and Eggs always taken separately, no sauce required.
Favourite drinks: Leo and Tiger (until I hit the big lottery!)
Get It Off Your Chest Request: Selena Gomez…years of DJ’ing school discos has made me weak…at least it’s not Bieber!
Favourite band: Foo Fighters
Favourite musician: Wow! That is an impossible question to answer! There are so many, for so many different reasons. Hmmm…right at this moment I would say Conor Oberst (Desaparacidos, Bright Eyes) or Steven Malkmus (Pavement)
Likes: random acts of kindness and my wife’s cooking (could be considered one and the same)
Dislikes: Shopping!
Three-word answer to, ‘I don’t want to…’: live forever (I know it’s only two but as soon as I read it, I couldn’t shake the sound of Lemmy’s growl in Ace of Spades!)
Tastes in music: Indie rock, So-Cal Skate Punk and 90’s ‘Alternative’

Full Name: Neil Griffith
Band Role: Drums
Birth date: 1979
Birthplace: Beverley, England
Height: Tall enough
Instruments played: Drums, guitar, cowbell…more cowbell
Educated: Yup
Other Occupation: Teacher
Hobbies: Cake
Favourite actor: Ed Norton, Christopher Walken
Favourite actress: Rachel Weisz or Tilda Swinton
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: I don’t do condiments
Favourite drinks: Gin and tonic, Gin and gin, Gin
Get It Off Your Chest Request: January by Pilot
Favourite band: Too many to say. But Nirvana were my first obsession
Favourite musician: PJ Harvey, followed closely by Dave Grohl…with Ludovico Einaudi to wind down
Likes: Tinkering with my Fantasy Football team, with a lovely hot cup of tea and a slice of cake.
Dislikes: Pretentious behavior, self-obsessed selfie-generation smart phone zombies,…oh, and war.
Three-word answer to, ‘I don’t want to…’: talk about it
Tastes in music: Indie, Rock, Metal, 2-tone, Classical, 80’s synth pop, the odd bit of chart music cheese

Peter Jensen
Band role: Guitarist
Birth date: 18 July, 1958
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada
Height: 176 cms
Instruments played: Guitar
Educated: School of Hard Knocks
Other occupation: Construction
Hobbies: Music
Favourite actor: Ethan Hawke
Favourite actress: What’s her name.
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: ???
Favourite drinks: Coffee.
Get It Off Your Chest Request:
Favourite band: The Band.
Favourite musician: Barney Kessell
Likes: Sunny weather.
Dislikes: Rainy weather.
Three-word answer to, ‘I don’t want to…’: Talk about it
Tastes in music: Yes.

Pjae Stanley
Band role: Leader/Front Person
Birth date: Nunya
Birthplace: Ft. Lewis Washington, USA
Instruments played: Guitar, Clarinet
Educated: Bachelor’s Degree, Organizational Management
Other occupation: Full time musician
Hobbies: Writing – Reading – Learning
Favorite actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Favorite actress: Cate Blanchette
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: Scotch Egg
Favorite drinks: Soda Manau
Get It Off Your Chest Request: I don’t understand this question?
Favorite band: The Gap Band
Favorite musician: James Taylor
Likes: Thoughtful people
Dislikes: Thoughtless people
Three-word answer to, ‘I don’t want to…’: live life unexplored
Tastes in music: Motown, Country, Blues