Full name: Mr.AJay from the Phuket FUZZtonez

Band role: guitar man
Birth date: one of these Mondays
Birthplace: earth, northern hemisphere
Height: still growing (four dimensional)
Instruments played: Dan Moi, Veena, Chimpta, Dhol and cigar box guitar
Educated: yes, schooled in the tradition of raw rock music
Former occupation: same same but without a job
Hobbies: cooking, gardening, helping the hopeless
Favourite actor: Danny Trejo
Favourite actresses: Katey Sagal
Scotch egg with brown sauce, mustard or salad cream: mustard
Favourite drinks: water and goat milk
Get It Off Your Chest Request: How To Control That Sudden Cough Attack
Favourite band: Comedian Harmonists
Favourite musician: Django Reinhardt
Likes: Favourite
Dislikes: Favorite
Three-word answer to, ‘I don’t want to…’: -miss a thing
Tastes in music: J.S. Bach, Master U.Srinivas, Lemmy, Boney M,