Lord Liar Boots

The four members met each other at College of Music Mahidol University including
-Wasawat Inthawat (Kaew’) Bassist, Vocalist

-Aingkawat Hirunkhltharee (Blue) Drumer

-Tanawat Tongborisudtae (Jimmy) Guitarist, Vocalist

-Chatchawich Wichaidist (Aun) Guitarist

Lord Liar Boots is a four-man-band from Thailand that use ideas from jamming without specific definition of their style.

The beginning was when Blue and Jimmy met for the first time at the cafeteria of the college and Blue started to ask for food. Later, they went to Blue’s house and jammed. After that, they met Aun practicing at the balcony of the college so they asked him to join and so he did. However, the band still need a bassist and in one concert at the college, Kaew who is Aun’s roommate asked to join. The band went to Blue’s house, they jammed hard enough to get ideas for their own songs, they had some original compositions and went to record them. The style of the band is mixed from the variations of the tastes such as the references and the sound each member like; they mixed all these with music knowledge, fun, and meanings.

Lord Liar Boots