Full name : Lord Liar Boots หล่อเลียบูทส์

Birth date : 22nd January 2014
Birth place : College of Music Mahidol University
Height : Thai standard
Instrument : Guitar,Bass,Drums
Educated : Music
Former occupation : None
Hobbies : movies gaming music any entertaining things
Favorite actress : Uehara Ai
Scotch egg with no sauce , Mustard and Salad Cream : อร่อยกว่าดิน กินหมด ( WE EAT IT ALL )
Favorite drink : anything with alcohol can be our favorite
Favorite Band : uncountable
Favorite musicians : ourselves
Likes : playing around on stages (big ones)
Dislike : disliking Three words answer We don’t want to: stay at home
Taste in music : good and bad music