The weather was sunny! Rain was predicted but held off. We sent our Absolutely Fabulous reporters (Shells n Jen) off in their see-through macs to get the lowdown.

The crowd was the biggest to date. The line-up as good as it gets, with the big guns in; The War on Drugs, Wolf Alice, Mac DeMarco, Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals, The Internet, Mac Demarco, Bonobo, Father John Misty, Moses Sumney and Loyle Carner.

Laneway’s niche is to showcase the new breakout acts; Amy Shark, Billie Eilish, MAS1A and The Ransom Collective were standouts for us.

We caught up with Aldous Harding, Loyle Carner and Wolf Alice…

Jen and Aldous

Jen and Aldous

Aldous Harding blew us away with her set. This was the New Zealand singer songwriter’s first trip to Asia. Describing her first album as “gothic folk” she now feels her songs are less structured and are, “moving organically” along without force. We are hungry for more of these new organic tunes Aldous!

ALR– Describe the process in writing your songs?

AH– I have been doing a lot of writing on tour. A lot of my songs come with a wink.

ALR– With the wind? (had to check what she said as it was so bloody noisy in there….)

AH– WIND! If I ever say my songs come with the wind it is your responsibility to personally put a bullet in my head

Noted Aldous!

Listening to Deep Forest and George Harrison at the moment.

Never listens to her own stuff…. however If she feels a performance is right she will go back and listen / watch it.

Always wants to do something interesting. “Hold some mystery. Sounding good is not enough.” She knows what she likes.

Her Outfits
A signature outfit of crisp white has evolved to something a little easier to maintain while on tour and performing.

On relaxation
She is not good at getting the balance right. At separating the art. Feels as if all the time she is thinking about what she has to do. At times there might be a few moments when she listened to the wind in the trees, (we knew it!) a few rare moments when she was not thinking about things she has to do. She feels she probably needs to change this approach as, “if I’m not at my level of physical and emotional health I can’t deliver.”

How has she prepared for the show today?
Red bull (4) and cigarettes

On stage she was quite intense yet mesmerizing. She is so very different from other artists. She commands your attention and the person on stage seemed to be another person from the poised but friendly, eloquent and thoughtful artist we had spoken to just a few hours before. She won’t read this by the way as she never reads reviews about herself.

After some very necessary hydration at the Hendricks Tent, a palm reading, a lie down on a double bed and some new makeup from H&M we thought we had better not let the Head Honcho down and find some more acts.

Jen found Loyle Carner at a stage I never managed to find and I ran with excitement to see Wolf Alice!


Loyle, Shells and Jen

The charismatic South Londoner is ‘absolutely incredible’ says Jen (she has such a crush on him, but then who doesn’t)

How did his mum define the success from his debut album Yesterday’s Gone?
He used the analogy that for him fame and success was like getting fatter. Little by little every day and you eventually became a “fat fucker”. (You didn’t notice it so much)

He said his mum noticed it right away though and she loves it.

How about his little brother?
“He hates it”. Before I could find out more the lady from MTV grabbed him to continue her boring MTV questions…. ‘When was the last time you…. what inspires you… ‘Actually he was inspired at 3 am when he woke up because he was jet lagged, so he went to get pizza. While waiting he wrote something on his arm because he didn’t have any paper…. ‘Ooh’ we all said as he showed us the scribblings… (prepare for a new pizza album folks!)

There was such a buzz when he came on stage. He is incredibly humble and down to earth. Praised his fans in Singapore, said it was the best crowd he had ever performed too. Commented on the heat a lot…. Introduced his best friend (Rebel Kleff) and they rapped together. Told us that he was told he should not swear in Singapore; adding that it didn’t mean the crowd couldn’t….. who duly responded with “Fuck you”. (Love it)

Even the security guards were in to him. Spoke about his mum and brother and how much he misses them and the reason for his song Florence. Read some new poetry, was faultless. Finally played No Cd, which had literally everyone dancing. Amazing, you can’t help but love him, he is so charismatic (I’ve got such a crush on him).

Wolf-Alice-fBack to Wolf Alice… and the north London alt-rock outfit played a thumping set. Led by the sweetly explosive Ellie Roswell, looking so angelic on stage, the crowd went wild. Don’t Delete The Kisses and Beautifully Unconventional off their new album were absolute standouts.

We had time for a quick chat with Joff (guitarist) and Josh (Drummer)

We didn’t want to let the Head Honcho down so asked the most important question first.

ALR: what condiment would you like with a scotch egg?

(Both loving this question)

Josh: Wholegrain mustard. MUST BE A RUNNY YOLK!

Right we got that!

We couldn’t hear much as Billie Eilish was on stage less than 20 metres away.

After the interview they were watching Billie Eilish. Joff didn’t know who she was but she certainly had their attention. At 16 years old she was so confident and polished and professional.

Then the sun came down and we sat on the hill. The War on Drugs were the perfect band to finish off another superb Laneway!

Thanks for having us Laneway Singapore! It was truly memorable!