Laneway Singapore 2017KOHH

Japan has never been known for its hip-hop scene. KOHH may just be the one to change all that.

The rapper and singer started producing and recording music at the age of 18 until he met producer 318 and started releasing material under the label GUNSMITH PRODUCTION. Over several years, the rapper produced mixtapes, one after another. In 2014, he released his debut full-length, Monochrome.

It was on 2015 that landed KOHH with the attention he deserves. His guesting on song, It G Ma, the YouTube viral smash by Korea’s Keith Ape, left a mighty huge impression on viewers. He layered on the buzz with two albums, a mixtape and a truckload of videos. KOHH’s Dirt release, a combination of rock influences and defiant positivity brewing in dark hard undertones, popped at no. 2 on the indies chart and babbed the top spot on iTunes’ hip-hop chart just 30 quick minutes of its launch. June 2016 ushered in Dirt II. Is it as good as Dirt? You tell us.

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