Funk-R is a brand new alias from British Tech House DJ named ‘Rayner’. This new alias is taking a different curve to his sounds of Tech House and is here to showcase what has shaped his knowledge forDJing and love for dance music.

With influences from the likes of George Benson, Curtis Mayfield, Roy Ayres, Nile Rodgers and so many more of the greats. Funk-R will take you back to an era of music that he believes helped influence some of the great dance music genre’s and style’s throughout the years that have had a huge impact on his musical education.

At the age of only 23 some would say that Funk-R was born way before his time, digging deep for rare Funk, Soul & Disco cuts from the 70’s & 80’s to spin with a refreshing jazzy vibe yet original touch promising to have your mind swinging and your body grooving.